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Tsing Hua Night Market

Bus: 1, 2, 31

Known as “Midnight Snack Street“ among students, Tsing Hua Night Market is Located across the street from the main entrance of the University on Guangfu Road. Tsing Hua Night Market is a social circle for the students here. There is an assortment of snacks from crispy fried chicken chops to large drinks, tofu custard, ramen, potstickers, dumplings, shaved ice, sweet potato balls, braised snacks.
  • Location: From Jiangong Road to Jiangong 1st Road, East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: World Expo Taiwan Pavilion, National Chiao Tung University
Jhongyang Shopping Center / Ximen Market

Bus: 10, 11, 11甲, 20 Free Bus: 57

Jhongyang Shopping Center is an area in Hsinchu that had been developed in early history. It connects with Ximen Market and is a place where locals often come to meet. In addition to vendors that have been at this market for many years, Jhongyang Shopping Center is also a great place for connoisseurs to purchase quality food goods. Faithful customers come here to sample and purchase goods such as almond tea, peanut candy,fried fritters, delicious osmanthus cakes, moist sticky rice, dumplings, and other snacks.
  • Location: Ximen Street, East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple(City God Temple), Kuan Di Temple, National Hsinchu Living Arts Center
Chu-Lian Market

Bus: 20 Free Bus: 57

Chu-Lian Market is a public market that connects to Zhulian Temple. In the early morning, visitors can hear cries up and down the market that hawkers are selling fresh-picked vegetables, stir-fried sticky rice, bamboo shoots, pork knuckles, delicious dumplings, and delicous sausages. Visitors should make sure to include this open-daily, fresh market when visiting Hsinchu.
  • Location: No.1, Zhulian St., East Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Zhulian Temple, 18 Peaks Mountain Park, Hsinchu Zoo, Hsinchu Confucius Temple
Hsinchu Agricultural Products Marketing

Free Bus: 75

This market is known as a big vegetable and fruit market by residents in Hsinchu. It is a wholesale distribution center for all the small and large markets and local restuarants. Visitors can buy everything here such as fresh vegetables, fruit, fish, meat products, dry goods and processed foods. If Tsukijij Fish Market is like Tokyo’s fish refrigerator, then Hisnchu Argricultural Market is the kitchen of the local resident.
  • Location: Between Minzu Road and Jingguo Road Section 1, Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Jinghua Market, Big City shopping mall, Hsinchu City Military Dependents' Villages Museum
Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple Snacks

Bus: 10, 11, 11甲, 20 Free Bus: 57 Free Expo Bus: 1

Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple Snacks Market was already in operation during the Japanese colonial period. The snacks here are what common residents enjoy the most. Rice noodles, QQ meatballs, red yeast stuffed meatballs, oyster pancakes, and traditional spring roll wraps are all available here. Come here for the real taste of Hsinchu.
  • Location: Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple (City God Temple), Zhongshan Road, Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Hsinchu City Fire Museum, Beimen Street, Hsinchu City Hall
Beimen Street

Bus: 10, 11, 11甲, 20 Free Bus: 57

This market has more than two hundred years history. The buildings here were built during the Qing Dynasty with Fujian-style architecture, in line with Japanese colonial period houses and Western-style architecture during World War II era. Nowadays, Xingchun Pharmacy, Zhou Yi Kee western style house still stand in all their former glory. Walking up and down this market street is like walking through historic times and visitors will be entranced.
  • Location: Beimen Street
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Hsinchu Cheng Huang Temple (City God Temple), Chang Ho Temple, Zeng Yung-Hsi Ancient Tomb ,Jin Shi Mansion, Zeng’s Family Shrine
Hsinchu Rice Noodle Community (Rice Noodle Liao)

Bus: 10, 11, 11甲

Hsinchu rice noodle from Nanshi region are the most famous. They are the original birth place of the rice noodle. This area is also know as “Mifen Liao,” Rice Noodle House, but there only a handful of original manufacturers left in operation today. Coming to the manufacturing place, visitors can find layers of rice noodles decked together. These noodles are made with the old masters efforts of “70% wind dried, 30% sundried” resulting in a beautiful sun-processed delicacy.
  • Location: Inside Lanes 291 to 401, Sec. 1, Yanping Rd., Nanshi Vil., North Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Hsinchu City Military Dependents’ Villages Museum, Guxian Airplane Model Exhibition Hall, 17 km Coastline Scenic Area
Hsinchu City Fish Market

Bus: 15 Free Bus: 55

Next to the Hsinchu Fishing Port, where crowds are constatly coming in and out is the fishing wholesale center. The first floor sells fishery products, where visitors can choose from all kinds of seafood products like fish balls, dried caviar, crabs, and sashimi. On the second floor are the seafood restaurants, where one can taste and try all kinds of delicious seafood and snacks. Visitors can also buy their own fresh seafood and have an experienced chef cook it for you; yet another way to enjoy delicious food.
  • Location: No.1-9, Xingang 3rd St., North Dist., Hsinchu City
  • Suggested attractions nearby: Hsinchu Fishing Port, 17 km Coastline Scenic Area
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